How We Farm

Our Practices

Piedmont Homestead is a small farm and homestead in Dallas, NC. We grow beyond organic, nutrient-dense vegetables the Mount Holly Farmer’s Market and Farm Pickup. When we say small farm, we mean very small, only about 1/8 of an acre. We are 100% hand tool based farm that allows us to be on the ground and focused on growing the best produce we can. By not disturbing the soil (no-till/no-dig), we’re able to build healthy, active soil that grows nutrient-dense food and healthy plants. Our healthy soil and practices allow us to grow crops year-round. We grow intensively, spacing crops closely, and we replant beds many times a year.

We grow using Beyond Organic and Regenerative Agriculture, which is to say we go the maximum extent we can to look at the whole picture to always make sure we add more then we take by farming. We never use synthetic chemical sprays or GMOs.


Organic or Non-GMO Seed is started in Dirtcraft Organics Seed Starting Mix. We source our seed from a variety of suppliers some include Sow True SeedJohnny’s Selected SeedBaker Creek Seeds, and Fedco Seeds. Seeds are sown in our high tunnel, and germinated in our living room. We transplant the seedlings (or direct seed) into our permanent beds. In The beginning, the beds got an application of pelleted dolomite lime to bring our acidic soil up to a more produce growing friendly pH. Now, we only apply an organic compost from a local composter, Earth Farms.

We are 100% hand tool based farm. Produce is managed with row covers for pests and shade cloth for those hot summer days. We never use chemicals on the farm. Harvests are by us and are wash/packed in our purposeful built building. Produce is stored in our walk-in cooler. From germination to packing, it is all done our farm!


We raise a breed of chickens called Golden Comets. We feed an Organic, Soy & Gluten-Free Feed from a local mill Reedy Fork Organic Farms, garden scraps and plenty of water. The hens are raised on a variety of pasture and woodland habitat. Our chicken coop is mobile and surrounded by electric fencing to protect them from predators. The chickens are moved once they have almost exhausted their area, typically 2-3 weeks. We are using the chickens to disturb the wooded areas during the summer months and follow them with a planting of perennial grasses and forage allowing us to regenerate the land back to a silvopasture habitat.

Beyond Organic

We use natural and sustainable practices, going much farther than just organic.

Good, Clean, Food

We only use what the earth provides us, no chemicals.

Home Grown

We grow everything we sell, from our home to yours.

Locally Grown

Grown 100% on the farm, chemical free and nutrient dense.
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Why "Piedmont Homestead"

The Back Story
Well, only a few of our grandparents or great-grandparents can remember when homesteading and community was the foundation of this nation. A time when a community thrived because of the contributions of each individual. The community was not shouldered by one individual but many. It was a local economy, your food came from your neighbor.


There was even once a “Piedmont Homestead Project” not to far from us outside of Atlanta, Georgia in the mid 1930’s(pre-WWII) that president Franklin D. Roosevelt helped to create. As a result of the Great Depression, many were left with nothing or had lost their farms. Supported by the government under the “New Deal” communities were revitalized by offering individuals land under the premise that they pursue homesteading. It is remembered for providing a boost in employment and solid citizens thereafter.

Who We Are

A Slow Realization
We are soap makers, furniture makers, home cooks, gardeners, wannabe homesteaders, DIY’ers, lovers of the outdoors and most importantly, we’re trying to get back to our roots and become a self-sufficient homestead. Being located in the Piedmont of North Carolina we like to break away to the Appalachian mountains to be restored and recharged. We believe in a holistic lifestyle, the power of healing with food and furthering our knowledge of keeping a non-toxic home and property.


We moved to this property in 2013 with a few simple ideas and one goal, to have a little piece of land and get away from the city. We both worked regular jobs at the time and had no real plans on supporting ourselves or being self-sufficient. You could say we were caught up in the race at that time, but really yearning for more. Then, it all started with a few simple changes. We made changes to the way we ate, started exercising regularly and started our first garden. That first garden was semi-successful, we got produce, but we knew there was an opportunity to cut our grocery bills with more work. That got us looking for other areas to save money and become more self-reliant. We started lots of projects: installing wood-burning heat, planting perennial crops and making our own furniture, personal care products and cleaning supplies.


What am I working for? Do I really need to buy this? How is my food grown and where does it come from? What would happen if we lost power?…we had a bunch of questions and went looking for the answers. Little changes led to bigger changes… and you get the idea. Our goal is to become self-reliant and enjoy spending more time with each other. We take pride in knowing that we can provide for ourselves and for others. We strive to make a positive impact on the land that gives so much to us.

Food is medicine and we farm to produce the very best medicine. More than just “Organic”, we aim to heal our land and community. Farming without the use chemicals. Our produce is grown on the farm free from contaminants, chemicals or pesticides. We don’t even use a tiller, only hand tools!

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of our community!

Farm Fresh Produce

Home Grown Goodness

Beyond Organic Practices

Good, Clean, Produce

Sustainable Management

Responsibly Grown and Harvested


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