Drying Flowers

How to Dry Flowers for Home Decor

How to Dry Flowers for Home Decor

Quite a few people I talk to are surprised by the things we do around the house. To be honest, it’s something we’ve slowly worked towards over the past 7 years. We didn’t wake up one day and have an “ah-ha” moment, but did lots research and picked up hobbies and interests along the way. We both enjoy do-it-yourself (DIY) things around the home and would do more but our time is limited.

What to do? Find small little projects I can do to make our home “us.” If you are looking to make small steps towards adding more natural elements to your home, then this project is for you.

Step 1:

Go for a walk around your property. As you are soaking in nature on your walk, start to look for and cut flowers with vibrant colors. Our property is landscaped with a variety of wild flowers, so there is usually something available to cut.  You can also dry roses, coreopsis, and other standard plants that bloom. 

It’s okay to get a little  adventurous. I got a little adventurous and decided to cut part of a crepe myrtle tree to see how things would turn out –

Cut the flowers to a length that would fit appropriately for the vase you have around your home.

Step 2:

Once you have gathered the flowers, tie them with a string or rubber band. We always save the rubber bands that come on our produce at the grocery store. Tie the rubber band around the bottom of the flower stems tightly.

Step 3:

Hang the flowers upside down to dry for 2-3 weeks. They can be hung on cabinet knobs, door handles, etc. As they dry, you will notice that a few of the petals may fall off. This is normal.

Step 4:

Once the flowers are dry, untie the rubber band and arrange the flowers in a vase. Take care when handling the dried flowers, they might be very delicate depending on the type of flower you use.

Surprise!  The crepe myrtle turned out pretty good –

DONE! I like to decorate our house with dried flowers in the corner of our kitchen counter, our kitchen table, coffee table, and on the dresser.

Namaste Y’all!

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