Garlic – Hardneck

1 Head (Large or Small) or 1/2 lb bulk carton

We purchase our garlic seed from a Certified Naturally Grown Garlic Farm. These varieties are available.
Music – a popular variety due to robust and strong, rich and musky taste, and five to seven very large easy-to-peel cloves. Music is an heirloom garlic, originating in Italy, and is a long-storing garlic.
German Extra Hardy – a hot, spicy garlic, and large bulbs containing 5-7 large, easy to peel cloves. German Extra Hardy is a long-storing garlic and will store into late winter or spring.
We cannot guarantee which variety you will get.


Product Description


We are a small farm growing food for ourselves and our community.

We grow all our produce on farm, you will not find anything here that we did not grow ourselves.

We use beyond organic practices to regenerate our farm.

We take great care to not disturb the soil biology. Hand tools only!

We do not, nor will we ever, use any chemical, insecticide or pesticide.

We farm with nature.

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    Plunketta (verified owner)

    Love the size and freshness of this garlic…no blemishes!

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