Pasture/Woodland Raised Organic Eggs

1 Dozen (12) – Pasture & Woodland Raise Eggs, Feed an Organic Soy-Free Feed.

Pasture & Woodland Raised Eggs, Feed an Organic Soy-Free Feed. Our hens are fed a Local Organic Soy-free feed from Reedy Fork Farm. They are raised on a mix of pasture and woodland. Woodlands in the hot temperatures of summer and Grass/Pasture in the cooler temperatures. We move hens in our mobile coop every 2-4 weeks to keep them on fresh grass or wooded areas.

Un-washed eggs can be stored at room temperature for at least 2 weeks and refrigerated at 38-42ºF for at least 3 months. Un-washed eggs will always taste better than a washed egg of the same age.

Washed eggs can be stored at 38-42ºF for up to 2 months.

See our FAQ page for more about our eggs.


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Product Description


We are a small farm growing food for ourselves and our community.

We grow all our produce on farm, you will not find anything here that we did not grow ourselves.

We use beyond organic practices to regenerate our farm.

We take great care to not disturb the soil biology. Hand tools only!

We do not, nor will we ever, use any chemical, insecticide or pesticide.

We farm with nature.

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