Salad Mix

4 Ounces/Bag

Organically Grown. A mix of lettuce types that varies slightly with the seasons. Pre-Washed.

To keep your lettuce fresh for longer always store them in a closed container or bag, in a high humidity environment (95-100%) at 34-36ºF.


Product Description


We are a small farm growing food for ourselves and our community.

We grow all our produce on farm, you will not find anything here that we did not grow ourselves.

We use beyond organic practices to regenerate our farm.

We take great care to not disturb the soil biology. Hand tools only!

We do not, nor will we ever, use any chemical, insecticide or pesticide.

We farm with nature.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Salad Mix

  1. 2 Reviews

    Ken Lore

    Salad Mix is so fresh and tasty, best we’ve ever had. Congratulations on growing “good stuff”!

  2. 2 Reviews

    Cindy Kazmarski

    I’m hooked. Never to buy lettuce bins from the store again. This Salad mix pops with flavor and freshness. I’m a big salad consumer and very picky with my lettuce. Most delicious!

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